Why is Senior Living Right for You?

When thinking of moving into a senior living community, a common question is this: Is a senior living community right for me? Many factors come into play to answer this question, but one factor to consider is the level of care. Senior housing can be broken down into three distinct communities which offer different levels of care:

  • An Independent Living Community is like an apartment complex (or even a standalone home) for seniors who can care for themselves. There are also a few more amenities included with Independent Living. First, there is the option to have meals in a dining room and participate in activities within the community.
  • An Assisted Living Community is appropriate for those who can no longer live independently and require a level of assistance day to day. This assistance can include (but is not limited to) help with bathing, dressing, medications, and eating. Some may only need assistance with one activity or multiple activities. Assisted Living communities allow for seniors to get the assistance they need while still being as independent as possible while enjoying life. Amenities in Assisted Living communities typically include three meals a day, engaging activities, and fun outings in the local community.
  • A Memory Care Community serves residents who have Alzheimer’s Disease and other types of dementia. These communities are equipped to handle the special assistance that residents with dementia often require while preserving their quality of life. This often includes those with later stages of Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, or those who are prone to leaving their home and wandering. Just because a resident is in Memory Care doesn’t mean they lose the fun in their life. Activities departments plan appropriate (and fun) activities, as well as outings.

So why would senior living right for you or a loved one?

Our community is not your mother’s nursing home. Those places do still exist, but our community is far from being one. In fact, our community is focused on our residents and experiences throughout each week, expertly crafted and healthy meals, entertainment and so much more.

Our senior living community is just that, a community. We have people who range in age and backgrounds; each person brings their personality to us and we love each one of them.

And each of them or their loved one asked if senior living was right for them. Here are a few things they also asked before they made the move to our senior living community:

  • Do I want my own space decorated to fit my style?
  • Do I want to have friends I see daily and have experiences on a regular schedule?
  • Do I want to worry about daily or weekly chores like housekeeping or cleaning of linens?
  • Do I want to concern myself with home maintenance?

The only question now left to ask is this one: Is this the time to move into a senior living community? This might be the best time to move.

If you or your loved one is looking for a senior living community, call us at (866) 800-9110 to help explore communities near you.