Keeping Busy in a Senior Community

When dads retire from work and then eventually move into senior housing, many times they feel like they’ve lost their purpose. Remember when dad was up at the crack of dawn on Saturdays fixing the fence? Painting the deck? Pressure washing the driveway? He was doing what dads do – trying to fix things and make things better.

Some men, dads included, feel like they’ll lose their purpose moving into senior housing. In a community like ours – remember, we’re not a nursing home – we have planned activities throughout the month, as well as a Director of Activities.

Staying active is important, but so is feeling like life has purpose.

If there is an activity a person would like to do (or even teach) and it’s not on the calendar in a community like ours, a person just needs to recommend it. So many activities can be accommodated if it’s safe for everyone.

If dad liked to build things out of wood, how about starting a class that builds birdhouses?

Did he like to cook? Let’s set up a cooking class! Maybe he’d like to lead it and share a favorite recipe.

Or maybe dad just like to shoot the breeze with friends. He can do that here, too.

Senior housing doesn’t have to be merely room and board, it goes beyond that here. Call today and we’d love to tell you what we’re doing this month.

Want to see for yourself? Come by and bring dad for lunch and one of our monthly activities.

If you or your loved one is looking for a senior living community, call us at (866) 800-9110 to help explore communities near you.